Midwest Home Health Care

Midwest mission is to provide the highest degree of client-centered service in a value oriented, efficient, personal and professional manner. Our focus is to maximize the health, function and quality of life for individuals.

Midwest philosophy is guided by the following values:

We know how critically important it is to find the right caregiver. Someone who not only has the best qualifications and experience, but also is the individual who cares and is most suited to your special needs.

That’s why Midwest is the trusted leader in the communities we serve. Because we understand that every client is unique. Our highly trained professionals are carefully screened and selected to provide the kind of compassionate, consistent, personalized care that you demand for you or your love ones.

Through specialize service delivery, our staff look at all of your requirements and design services base of your special needs. Midwest selects caregivers and creates the care plan along with caregiver specifically for you. We continually evaluate the quality of care you’re receiving. Midwest thrives to exceed your need by providing essentials for independent living.

There’s no place like home when caring for a loved one. You can count on Midwest to always be with you. Our professional support includes: but is not limited to

The client is supported by the case managers monitoring client’s progress. The case managers will regularly communicate with the physician, Pharmacist and Health aide.

Why Home Health Care?

Home Health Care allows an individual to maintain their independence, and make choices.

Clients include seniors, individuals with disabilities, chronic illnesses and those recovering from surgery as well as accidents. These individuals may live alone or with a family member but because of their health, need assistance and support to remain independent in their home.

Home health care - A nurse or trained aide visits the client in their home and assists with medical care and /or daily living activities- it has become the preferred option over nursing home or rehab placement.

Home care services have expanded over the years. Patients receive assistance for a variety of reasons from maintaining medication schedules to bathing, toileting, feeding, picking up prescriptions, errands, meal preparation, grocery shopping, cleaning and rides to physician appointments. If someone needs round the clock attention or an aide to visit for a few hours a day, we can assist you.

Everyone has different needs and situations-A registered nurse is assigned by the agency to visit the home for an assessment and evaluation of the client’s needs and to implement a plan of care for that individual.

Millions of elderly Americans need assistance today with basics, bathing, dressing, and meal preparation as well as other activities of daily living. Many more need the assistance of a nurse. As the population of senior citizens increase the demand for home care will increase.

Who Might Benefit from Home Care Services

Common Home Health Diagnoses Include:

Caregiver Assistance & Family Support

For aging adults, living at home is an important part of their quality of life.

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